Type of "Starwars" research students

Submitted by chaky on Mon, 10/30/2023 - 07:18


These are some types of Starwars based research students I can classify. Just for fun read though, don't take it seriously.

1. Yoda: they publish 3 papers a year; no I never met them.

2. Leia Organa: they work damn hard like Leia, come at 8am and go home at 2am. Smile a lot to them.

3. Obi-wan: smart like Obi-wan, research is just too easy for them and they just spend minimal effort; give them more difficult task to reduce their ego

4. Jabba: they just want to do minimally to graduate and quickly go earn money in the industry; I gave them “minimal” advice

5. Emperor Palpatine: they just want to learn “tools” not knowledge so they can quickly reach their quest for powers; encourage them to join your startups

6. Lando Calrissian - they are like Lando, showing up only at the last minute. No need to do anything; just enjoy when they panic.

7. Grand Admiral Thrawn - they are perfectionist like Thrawn, prefer to read all papers, try all githubs, attend all seminars, watch all YTs, try all mediums.com before they start their research; enjoying learning with them but also tell them to extend infinitely their graduation

8. C3PO - they know many things but basically know nothing deep; ask them a deep question and they will change topic again

9. Anakin Skywalker (pre-Darth Vader) - they are very arrogant, don’t usually listen, stubborn sometimes, and they also don't know they are overconfident. Let them fail by themselves and they will realize eventually.

10. Luke Skywalker (pre-Yoda training) - they want to save the world but lacks training; calm them down and tell them to first understand what is basic one layer CNN.