meI am an Assistant Professor at the Computer Science and Information Management Program, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand.  

My AIT Brain Lab works in the area of deep learning, particularly on brain and text, for the purposes of health and well-being.  My long-term goal is to model and understand humans through the brain and language.  I welcome students who are interested in one of these three areas: (a) deep learning and signal processing, (b) neuroscience, (c) software development.

I am a recipient of a KAKENHI Young Scientist granta Young Scientist grant by TRF, a National Science and Technology Development Agency Toray Science grant,  and a member of a JST grant project.

I received my Ph.D. and postdoc under the supervision of  XiangshiRenCenter for Human-Engaged Computing, Japan.

I am co-authoring work on  "Human-Engaged Computing" with Xiangshi Ren, a philosophical piece discussing the need for technologies to augment humans for better survivability.  This provides the philosophical ground for my research.




  • Computer Science Curricula Advisor, Yangon University
  • Data Science Curricula Development, Stamford International University
  • IEEE YESIST 2019 Stamford Local
  • Program Committee AC in CHI LBW 2018
  • Program Committee in Video Competitions (CHCHI 2017)
  • Associate Chair (DIS 2017 in Provocation and WIP)
  • Vice-Secretary General, ICACHI (2016 – present)
  • General Co-Chair, ACM IxAP 2016
  • Technical Liaison, ACM Chinese CHI 2013-2016
  • Publicity Chair, IDHF 2014
  • Student Volunteer, WISS 2013, ACM APCHI 2012
  • External Reviewers: ACM CHI 2016-2019, ACM DIS 2016-2018, IEEE Trans. on Human-Machine Systems
  • Staffs, Techfest iNexus Thailand 2010