Arrogance is good or bad?

Submitted by chaky on Thu, 10/21/2021 - 20:31


I could say that I am a quite an arrogant and ambitious person, back when I was in my 20s.   

My reflection told me that arrogance is indeed good when channel correctly.  It has brought me to where I am now, to push for my goal.  But like everything else, arrogance has two sides of the coin:

1.  Arrogance could be good if it is channeled in a productive way.  For example, using your own arrogance to fuel your actions in meeting your goals and objectives.  They provide the energy and urge to achieve something even deemed impossible. But arrogance is only good when you can consistently self-taught yourself that you are not perfect, and that you are still learning.  Learning to listen is the utmost skill for those who are particularly arrogant.

2. Arrogance could be really really bad if it is used in a destructive way.  "These people suck",  "They don't have a big goal like me",   "What he told me is bullshit".    If you regularly chant these words in your brain, you likely belong to the "bad" arrogance type and need to fix quickly.  Consequences will be that you will slowly develop a bad attitude that you are always right,  you don't care to "carefully" listen to what others said.  Bits by bits, unknowingly to you, arrogance stops you from learning.  Arrogance keeps "people who wanna help you" away from you.  One should strike a balance, sticking to his/her ideas while learning to listen (even what you listen is really bullshit)

I also wanted to provide some high-level life principles.   Even these principles are not perfect, they serve as good reminders.

1. We are nobody: humans are not really smart or competent.  Humans are actually very "stupid" creatures.  If humans are competent, why we cannot find happiness?  If humans are competent, why we stick to our stupid habits or behaviors?  Humans are imperfect in many ways including myself, so always stay humble to ourselves and others.  Indeed, we individually are really nobody; no matter how smart we are, even the company loses us, they can always find a (better) replacementBut, here is the catch, we ARE somebody with many people's help - our parents, our friends, our colleagues, our environment,  THEY ARE REALLY THE ONE who makes us matter. You OWE a lot of things around you....but the society OWE very little from you

2. IQ is almost nothing:  There is a funny story that certain students bragging themselves that they are from certain Ivy League schools, or that they score "this much" in that or those exams.  However, we should always be aware that IQ is the weakest predictor of success (well supported by evidence).  Why?  Well, because success depends more on characters, personality, persistence, passion, and work ethics, much much much more than IQ.   This fact is indisputable and one could have plenty of evidence to stand for this.   These composite quality is what made a person successful, and never is IQ or intelligence.  IQ, to its best, probably will make your "initial" path more convenient and easier but that's it.   If you are a high IQ person, what you should do is stay humble, keep learning, be grateful for what you have and leverage your IQ for your better selves and the world.