How to make a impressive DS resume?

Submitted by chaky on Wed, 11/02/2022 - 09:27



There are many nice layouts, but the one I think you can use is. (ranked by importance):
1.  Skills  - categorize by something like Tools,  Language.    This is MUCH BETTER THAN "About us", which a lot of people write things like "I am fast learner...."
2.  Projects/Working Experience - write very clearly in measurable numbers what you achieve.
3.  Education - mention clearly what courses you take that is relevant to DS.   Mention the thesis and publication relevant to DS.    If you publish in very good conferences/journals, mention it clearly what you implement.
4.  Certifications - mention any certificates you have, like AWS certificates.


  • Fit everything in one page (reviewers take only 1 min to read your CV.   TRUST ME.)
  • Put numbers in your Projects section.   Increase latency by 20%  vs. Increase latency.   Which one is better?
  • Put your Github and Medium and Kaggle/AICrowd profile on the top of your CV.
  • For entry students,  we know you don't have much work experience, but we expect you do MANY school projects that are interesting, so prepare a impressive Github
  • Use LaTeX to make your CV.  It shows you are good coders and willing to learn something new.


  • Put Microsoft Word/Excel, etc., or very basic skills in your CV.   It's like putting a taxi driver can drive.
  • Do not say "I am fast learner",  "I am curious",  "I am critical thinkers".   REVIEWERS DON'T CARE AND DON'T BELIEVE.  REVIEWERS usually put a red flag in these CVs.
  • No need to put your picture, your hobby, or your other non-relevant achievements.  REVIEWERS DON'T CARE.

PS:  If you have nothing in your Github,  it's a good time to start.   No projects in Github is VERY DIFFICULT TO GET A JOB.   Do not do AIT projects like assignments, do it for your career future.