This lists some useful learning resource prepared by myself:

- How to write a paper (PDF)

- Introduction to EEG and BCI (PDF)

- How to do an experiment (PDF)

- How to do ANOVA (PDF) and workshop with answers (.docx)

- How to design (PDF)

- Introduction to ML and Rapidminer (for beginners) (Google Slide)

- Data Science for High School Students (mostly avoiding technical equations when possible)

- Python for DS/AI (beginner to advanced)

- EEG analysis from start to finish (code) , slides teaching from start to finish (soon)

- DL/ML Reading Roadmap

- Basic Calculus Review (preparing for Data Science) (soon)

- EEG Reading Roadmap (soon)

If you want hands-on experience with me teaching this stuff with workshops which are the part you will learn most, you may want to enroll in my Human-Computer Interaction and Python for DS/AI class.

Other not-my but useful resource:

- EEG datasets

- fMRI datasets