Collection of nice quora post

Submitted by chaky on Wed, 12/19/2018 - 01:25

I regularly checked quora on various topics, especially on research, software engineering, machine learning, corporate management, and self-improvements.  I thought it would be a good idea to start collecting all the good ones.


What do the top 10% of Ph.D. students do during their research time?

Favorite point:  All of these posts share the same thing over and over again -  Intelligence, extremely curious, disciplines, perseverance, communication (writing and presenting) are all very common characteristics.   But if I would pick one, that would be "passion" and it is actually damn hard to know what you are actually passionate about.  Because if you truly passionate to know something, it's very easy to develop other skills.

Favorite point: It's hard because no one is going to tell you what to do.  You have to figure that out.


Software Engineering and Machine Learning

Favorite point: Research ALWAYS starts with reading lots of papers.  Start from understanding common research methodology and problem in that field.

What was the most significant machine learning AI advances in 2018?

Favorite point: I shared the same view where automated framework such as RapidMiner and AutoML will have a significant impact on the area.   This allows non-math guys access to ML.  And surprisingly, history tells us that many new breakthroughs often are done by people from other fields.

What statistical technique should more people know about?

Favorite point: Not everything but a good tip if you haven't learned what is suggested.

Favorite point: Great guideline on how to start learning ML

Favorite point: Many good reminders on how to do ML/Stats correctly.

Favorite point: Problem-solving is key to "great" software engineers, not memorization of syntax or specific implementations.

Corporate management

Favorite point: Cannot stop admiring how "customer-oriented" Amazon is.  Two pizza rule is one of the rule that enables that given the lean administration.

Favorite point: Hmm...late to the business can significantly hurt you. But what matters really is that you should quickly learn how to solve your mistakes, instead of just simply complaining about it.



Favorite point: Habit compounds and the effect is huge.

Favorite point: Knowledge without action is bullshit!  Also, complaining really does not help much.  Instead, think how you can change that.

Favorite point: Simple yet difficult.

Favorite point: Smart is only relevant in the beginning.  What matters is "who wanted the most" or in simple words, who is the most passionate.